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Paintings & Art

a Sample of paintings & art on slate, hardboard, Leather and other medium, some framed, to view.
Most of the artistic works, is done by the van Emmenis family, while Lariza is now the residend artist.
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Leopard by Paula

Paula van Emmenis, born 12 January 1949 in Nylstroom, is the daughter of renowned Bushveld-artist Piet van Emmenis.
Sadly she passed away on 30 January 2017. The art of Paula van Emmenis can be found in private residences, galleries, embassies and corporations, as well as internationally.

Lariza van Emmenis B.A. (cum laude), B.A. Hons. (cum laude), M.A. (cum laude), D.Litt. et Phil., born 11 January 1977, had a lively interest in art since early childhood.
After she matriculated, though studying part-time, she began a career in art, following in the footsteps of her mother, well-known artist Paula van Emmenis.
Apart from private collections, Lariza’s work can also be found in corporate collections of various institutions and embassies, and she has exported many of her paintings to the USA, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. Her paintings are permanently on show in numerous South African galleries.

David van Emmenis, born in 1970, is the eldest son of renowned artist Paula van Emmenis.
From an early age David showed signs of artistic talent and was invited to study art at Pro-Arte School of Arts in Pretoria. David’s favourite theme is the South African landscape, in particular typical Bushveld scenes, sometimes incorporating wildlife in his landscapes. He also enjoys painting seascapes and farm scenes.

Stèfan van Emmenis, born on 26 September 1972, loves the African landscape with a passion akin to adoration.
He developed his style to vary between realism, colourful neo-realism and impressionism, with dramatic colour application in oil and acrylic, sometimes also making use of impasto texture effects that greatly enhances the beauty of his work. Stefan’s landscape scenes in mostly painted in vivid colours, especially the striking sunsets of such splendour as to leave you breathless!

Christelle van Emmenis (born 21 February 1989) is the youngest daughter of Paula van Emmenis.
“Flowers, especially arum lilies, are my passion! I sometimes feel that even if I live for 1 000 years, it won’t be enough to portray the wondrous beauty of these flowers to my fulfillment. Flowers indeed seem to me to be the manifestation of beauty from God’s hand. I love working in both oil and acrylic, on stretched canvas.” 

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Paintings on Slate

Art on other medium


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Zeerust, North West Province,
South Africa, 2865


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